Momiji House/もみじの家

It was always a lifelong ambition of Momiji’s founder Masa Kidani to open a facility for severely disabled children in her native Japan.

Masa’s dream was realised when Momiji House (or もみじの家 as it’s known in Japanese) opened its doors in April 2016.

The facility, the first of its kind in Japan, provides children and their families with support, respite and the opportunity to relax like any other family.

The idea for a children’s hospice in Japan came through Masa’s connection with Helen & Douglas House in Oxford, U.K. She was inspired by the work of the hospice and used it to model ‘Momiji House’ in Tokyo. With the backing of the Kidani Memorial Trust and a number of other key sponsors, Momiji House has dramatically improved the lives of many young people and their families.

The hospice has now been in operation for three years but relies on the support of volunteers and dedicated doctors and nurses. The long-term aim is to open more hospices across Japan. This relies on promoting the concept of Momiji House and raising substantial funds.

If you are interested in donating or being involved in this vision do not hesitate to contact Momiji.